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Information Exchange & Partnerships

The Climate Action Branch is dedicated to working with internal and external partners, both within California and nationally to ensure we stay at the forefront of climate research and projects.  Our broad range of partners includes:

Climate Change Peer Exchange

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) organized a climate change peer-exchange with representatives from Washington, Oregon and California DOTs to discuss climate change issues for the West Coast. The three states shared lessons learned, and discussed the development of common approaches for climate change adaptation. The three states continue to work together on climate change issues affecting the West Coast.

California Climate Action Team (CAT)

Caltrans is a member of the California State Agency Climate Action Team. The CATs mission is to coordinate statewide efforts to implement global warming emission reduction programs, and implement the state’s Climate Adaptation Strategy. The CAT is subdivided into nine working groups, and Caltrans is a member of the Coastal and Ocean Climate Adaptation Team (CO-CAT), the Land Use and Infrastructure Working Group (CCLU-In), the Research Working Group, and the State Government Working Group.

Ocean Protection Council Sea-Level Rise Guidance and Resolution

The State of California Sea-Level Rise Guidance Document, initially released in 2010 and updated in 2013, provides guidance to state agencies for incorporating sea-level rise projections into planning, permitting, investment and other decisions.

Now, the California Ocean Protection Council and the California Natural Resources Agency, in collaboration with the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, California Energy Commission, and the California Ocean Science Trust, are updating this statewide guidance to reflect recent advances in ice loss science and projections of sea-level rise. The updated guidance will focus on the needs of state agencies and local governments. It will help cities and counties as they comply with a new law that requires them to incorporate climate change into their planning efforts.  The updated guidance document will also assist state agencies prepare for, and adapt to climate change, as directed by Governor Brown’s recent Executive Order.

Climate Registry

The Climate Registry is the leading voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) registry in North America. The Registry provides tools and guidance for organizations to measure their GHG emissions. Caltrans gained the prestigious title of Climate Action Leader, in 2007 when the Department reported emissions and had them third party verified. As a member, Caltran's continues to annually calculate greenhouse gas emissions produced by Department facilities and operations.

Caltrans Climate Change Workgroup

The Climate Change Branch organized an internal workgroup comprised of various Divisions to discuss climate change issues important to the Department. The Climate Change Workgroup acts as the clearinghouse for climate change policy and a decision-making forum to discuss climate change issues that could effect the Department.



Program Contacts

Reza Navai
Assistant Division Chief
(916) 654-3330
Tracey Frost
Chief, Office of Smart Mobility and Climate Change
(916) 654-8175
Julia Biggar
Senior Transportation Planner
(916) 654-6344
Dillon Miner
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 653-4287