California Department of Transportation

Climate Change Branch

Our Vision

The Climate Change Branch manages and coordinates the Department's efforts in response to Assembly Bill (AB) 32: Global Warming Solution Act of 2006, Climate Action Team, Governor's Executive Orders, Administration policies, and related legislative rulings. This Branch provides guidance and consultative services to internal programs and external agencies and maintains an education program on climate change and related energy, environmental, financial, and economic issues.

About Climate Change

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burning mountain

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Program Contacts

Garth Hopkins
Chief, Office of Regional & Interagency Planning
(916) 654-8175
La Nae Van Valen
Senior Transportation Planner
(916) 657-4458
Julia Biggar
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 654-6344
Susan Ejlalmaneshan
Transportation Planner
(916) 653-3362
Dillon Miner
Transportation Planner
(916) 653-4287
Kimberly Johnston-Dodds
Associate Transportation Planner
(916) 651-6527