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The Projects

Since 2002, the PPEC contracts have funded approximately 140 public engagement tasks or projects.  These projects have varied widely in scale, scope, and location, ranging from several meetings to multi-year processes, from local to statewide, and from rural to urban.  The issues addressed typically reverberate beyond the local road system to transportation, land use, and environmental matters of regional and statewide importance. 

The public participation and engagement methods used under these PPEC contracts have also varied widely, from traditional meetings to alternative, innovative, and precedent-setting activities.  Many PPEC projects have complemented and informed other planning efforts, such as the California Transportation Plan, Corridor System Management Plans, Federal Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, and the California Freight Mobility Plan.  All of the projects have demonstrated Caltrans’ commitment to engaging involved communities and stakeholders as inclusively as possible, and to making the best possible use of the public input gained through engagement activities. 

This page showcases some of the PPEC projects conducted over the years. Various materials are provided here by category.  Please click on the links provided to discover lots of interesting public engagement activities.  Materials provided include fact sheets, flyers, presentations, graphics, and much more.






Projects By Category

bike ped link


community visioning link

Community Visioning

complete streets link

Complete Streets

corridor planning link

Corridor Planning CSMP

cib ctp link


reaching ej communities link

Reaching Environmental Justice Communities

meeting facilitation link

Meeting Facilitation

rural planning link

Rural Planning


soundwall link

Soundwall Safety Issues













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