California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation, Public Participation (PP) Inventory



The Office of Community Planning (OCP) is developing the Department's Public Participation (PP) Plan as required by federal law (23 U.S.C., Sections 134 and 135; 49 U.S.C., app. 1607; and 23 CFR 771.111 (h)(2)(iii)). As a part of this effort, OCP is examining and incorporating the Department’s current public participation practices (PP Inventory).

We worked with all components of the Department to develop this PP Inventory. It will be a major part of our PP Plan effort, and it will be enhanced in the future.

The inventory provides a comprehensive overview of what the different functional units are doing in terms of informing and involving the public in their planning, project development, and implementation activities. Categories of public participation are broken down into Public Notification/Information and Public Participation Techniques.

The goal of this inventory is to benchmark our current public participation efforts, and develop a PP Plan that enhances our efforts. We want to thank everyone who participated and provided their contributions to this effort.

Department of Transportation Public Participation Inventory



Bruce Kemp
Associate Transportation Planner
Office of Community Planning
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