California Department of Transportation

Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice (EJ) grant program promotes the involvement of low-income and minority communities, and Native American tribal governments in the planning for transportation projects. EJ grants have a clear focus on transportation and community development issues to prevent or mitigate disproportionate, negative impacts while improving mobility, access, safety, and opportunities for affordable housing an economic development.

EJ grants must include public participation components that address the interests of low-income, minority, Native American, and other under-represented communities. In many cases, these communities do not have the resources to influence transportation decisions and project outcomes. Therefore, the EJ grant program helps disadvantaged communities get involved to produce an outcome with community input. Over the years, 207 EJ grants have been awarded with 45 of them currently active and 162 completed. This webpage showcases the final products and fact sheets beginning with grants awarded in FY 09-10. Each fact sheet highlights the project summary, community outreach, EJ community outreach, project outcome, and project successes and next steps. Grants have been placed into categories based on the type of plan.

Factsheets for EJ grants awarded before FY 09-10 can be found here.

Completed Grants by Category

Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010