California Department of Transportation

Community-Based Transportation Planning

The Community-Based Transportation Planning (CBTP) grant program promotes transportation and land use planning projects that encourage community involvement and partnership. These grants include community and key stakeholder input, collaboration, and consensus building through an active public engagement process. CBTP grants support livable and sustainable community concepts with a transportation or mobility objective to promote community identity and quality of life. Each grant displays a transportation and/or land use benefit. CBTP grants are approached in many different ways with innovative ideas and opportunities for public participation.

Over the years, 202 CBTP grants have been awarded with 54 of them currently active and 148 completed. This webpage showcases the final products and fact sheets beginning with grants awarded in FY 09-10. Each fact sheet highlights the project summary, community outreach, project outcome, and project successes and next steps. Grants have been placed into categories based on the type of plan.

Factsheets for CBTP grants awarded before FY 09-10 can be found here.


Completed Grants by Category

Fiscal Year 2009 - 2010