California Department of Transportation

Intermodal Transportation Management System (ITMS)

The Intermodal Transportation Management System Branch (ITMS) works with the ITMS planning tool, ITMS Version 3 [Person Movement] (ITMS V.3), which is a performance-based, decision support system that includes all forms of transportation, e.g., state highways, passenger and freight rail, air routes, waterways, and intermodal facilities. It is designed to assist transportation planning professionals in making informed decisions in selecting cost-effective actions and strategies, e.g., alternatives analysis using performance measures for improving California's intermodal transportation system.

The ITMS V.3 is an ArcView GIS application that operates on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. It is a macro-level, quick-response planning tool, which has intermodal system elements for person movement. The ITMS V.3 links spatial and attribute information for transportation systems for both existing and forecasted conditions.

Who uses the ITMS planning tool? State and regional planners engaged in evaluating public investments in transportation, Caltrans to incorporate intermodal transportation into its corporate database, private sector transportation interests seeking public support for projects, and others interested in California's transportation infrastructure. If you would like to utilize this planning tool, you will need to register with the Caltrans, Division of Transportation Planning, ITMS Branch, to obtain authorization to use it.

Please see the attached form to register to use ITMS. Just sign and fax it to Al Arana at (916) 653-4827. You will then receive the ITMS V.3 CD package in the mail.

ITMS registration form

ITMS June 2002 Brochure

ITMS Caltrans Overview Presentation


For more information about ITMS, please e-mail Al Arana, ITMS Project Manager or call (916) 653-5827.