California Department of Transportation

System Planning Branch


The System Planning Branch is fundamental to Caltrans' long-range planning for interregional transportation and statewide travel analysis. Statewide system, interregional and advance corridor planning provide the basis for identifying current and future deficiencies on the State highway system and improvements to meet mobility goals. In coordination with other functional programs, the Branch provides direction and reporting of state highway projects for both the Regional Transportation Improvement Program and Interregional Transportation Improvement Program projects. This ensures the Department is consistent with priorities derived within the Regional Transportation Plan and Interregional Transportation System Plan as the second stage in the planning process, leading towards project funding in the State Transportation Improvement Program and other programs.

What's New

Identification of 2014 State Transportation  Improvement Program (STIP) Cycle State Highway 
and Intercity Rail Needs.  Section 20 of the STIP  Guidelines require Caltrans to identify state highway  and intercity rail improvement needs for the  upcoming STIP cycles.  Below are the project lists  for consideration in regional agencies 2014 STIP  cycle along with the 2016 and 2018 STIP cycles. 


Organization Chart

The Branch includes System Analysis, System Guidance, Corridor Studies, and Corridor System Management Planning.