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System Planning documents can be accessed two ways:

  • Access documents geographically by clicking the highway shields on the map to the right.

  • Access documents by text link - Click the links in the tables below.


Oceanside Image

District 11 - San Diego County
State Route 76, Oceanside

I-805 and I-8 Interchange

District 11 - San Diego County
State Route 52 & I-805 Interchange

Interchange Image

District 11 - San Diego County
I-805 and I-8 Interchange



D11 map

Available Transportation Concept Reports (TCR)


San Diego County

I-5 I-8 SR-11 I-15 SR-52new SR-54
SR-56 SR-67 SR-75 SR-76 SR-78new SR-79
SR-94 Urban SR-94 Rural SR-125 SR-163 SR-188 SR-282
I-805 SR-905        


Imperial County

SR-7new I-8 SR-78 SR-86
SR-98 SR-111 SR-115 SR-186new



Transportation Corridor Study



Transportation System Development Program (TSDP)

not available



Corridor System Management Plans (CSMP)

*Draft Only



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sr 98 sr 111 sr 78 sr 186 sr 7 I-8 sr 115 sr 86 sr 78 I-8 sr 79 sr 76 sr 188 sr 11 sr 67 sr 94 sr 905 sr 125 sr 75 I-805 sr 282 sr 163 sr 54 sr 52 sr 56 I-15 I-5