California Department of Transportation

Right of Way Functions



The Acquisition and Condemnation Section is responsible for purchasing the property rights necessary for constructing and maintaining the State's transportation system.

Airspace & Telecommunication Licensing

The Airspace function is responsible for leasing and managing all property held for a transportation purpose that can safely accommodate a secondary use.


Appraisal guidelines and forms as presented here for public agencies or independent appraisers who prepare appraisals for Caltrans or other public agency transportation projects.

Excess Lands

Here you will find information on our current inventory of properties for sale. This is your source for information on up-coming sales and auctions by Caltrans Right of Way Excess Land Branch.

Land Surveys

Develop, establish, and maintain surveying standards and procedures that foster quality, effective surveying efforts. Evaluate, develop, and procure cost-effective, new-technology surveying equipment and systems for Departmental use.

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Property Management

Property Management manages all property held for future transportation projects, all excess properties, and employee housing.

Real Property Services

The Right of Way Office of Real Property Services (RPS) is responsible for the management and disposition of all property purchased for transportation projects.

Right of Way Certification

The purpose of the R/W Certification is to ensure that the State has full legal and physical possession of all necessary rights of way required for the construction and subsequent operation of the transportation project.

Utility Relocations

The Utilities Relocation Branch is responsible to ensure that the right of way for highway projects is clear of utility facilities that would be in conflict with the proposed construction or subsequent operation of the highway facility.