California Department of Transportation

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Stewardship of Federally Eligible State Highway Projects

Letter Regarding FHWAs Oversight of Final Vouchers, dated 09/09/2008

On February 6, 2006, the Department made an eighteen-item commitment (pdf) to improve its guidance regarding the stewardship of Federal funds. Here is a list of the eighteen items, with links to those that are complete.

Stewardship of Federally Eligible State Highway Projects
ID Activity / Document Completion Date
File Format
1 Oversight Engineer Field Guidelines, June 2005 pdf
2 Email from Rick Land to District Directors re: Importance of Department Stewardship Responsibilities, January 13, 2006 Word
3 Memo to Districts re: Importance of Department Stewardship Responsibilities, January 26, 2006 pdf
4 Procedures for Submittal of 100% PS&E Approval by FHWA for Full Oversight Projects, 5/26/06
5 Memo to FHWA from Rick Land formally transmitting Workplan and commitment for improvement, February 6, 2006 pdf
6 Finalize Project Delivery Quality Management System Framework, 2/28/06
7 Establish Feedback loop between FHWA and CT Project Delivery, 2/28/06
8 Revise Local Agency Resident Engineer Guidelines - includes Stewardship Responsibilities, June 26, 2006 6/30/06
9 Revitalize Special Funded Projects Guide 9/30/06
10 Implement Training Statewide "Stewardship Requirements for AAA of Federal-aid Projects" Word
11 Revitalize Department Oversight Guidance 6/30/06
12 Implement Training "Local Agency's Resident Engineer - Roles and Responsibilities" - includes Stewardship Responsibilities 6/30/06
13 Revisit applicability of "Implementing Agency Responsibilities on STIP Projects" document relative to stewardship Word
14 Status memo to FHWA from Rick Land 7/30/06
15 Revise Project Development Procedures Manual, Ch. 2, re: roles and responsibilities of Stewardship 7/30/06
16 FHWA Workshops in Districts re: stewardship roles and responsibilities Ongoing
17 FHWA Program Analysis 9/30/06
18 Revise FHWA Stewardship Agreement 9/30/07