California Department of Transportation

Project Management

Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology in 2005
Date Description
March 2005 Caltrans online training continued to demonstrate innovative techniques. The internally developed online training course, Project Management Overview, was cited as a successful case study in the development of an online simulation in the book, "Engaging Learning - Designing eLearning Simulation Games" by Clark N. Quinn (published by Pfeiffer/John Wiley & Sons, Inc.). The online simulation was also presented to the eLearning Developers Conference & Expo in San Francisco.
June 2005 Implemented fiscal year project delivery (a.k.a. The Contract for Delivery) agreements between the Director of Caltrans and each District Director.
July 2005 The Division of Procurement and Contracts (DPAC), in cooperation with Audits, Legal, Civil Rights, the districts and our partners in the A&E consulting community, developed and implemented a program to process A&E contracts in sixty working days, a savings of approximately 130 working days. During the 05/06 FY DPAC processed 34 A&E contracts using the accelerated process averaging 54 working days per contract. The process has been adopted as the standard.