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Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology in 2004
Date Description
January 2004 A Peer Review Team was established in January 2004.

The Purpose of the Proposed Review Process:
To assess the implementation of project management in major Capital Outlay projects, currently under development, with the ultimate goal of improving and strengthening the Departmentís project delivery. The outcome of this process will be to:

1. Recognize what is working well.
2. Review what Project Managers are doing throughout the State.
3. Recommend improvements to Statewide project management policies and procedures regarding capital projects.
4. Assess the adherence to existing Statewide project management policies and procedures for capital projects.

Members of the Team-Nigel Blampied HQ, Brent Soulis HQ, Bob Hull D6, Edward Andraos, David Youmans D10, Matt Brady D01, & Abdul El-Dahabi D06

The first visit, in the Winter of 2005, will be to District 1, Eureka. The visiting team will consist of Tim Gubbins, Andre Schokrpur (HQ rep) , a project manager appointed by Stewart Ng, and Mary Payyappilly.
February 2004 'Training Class GPM019 attended by Caltrans PMP's.

Course Number: GPM019
Category: Project Management - Capital

Title: Project Management Focus 2004

Description: Improve project management practices within project delivery by focusing on the integration and implementation of project charters and communication, risk management, and project financial management (focusing on management of support costs). The goal here would be to educate and motivate the students to return to their districts and work to improve the implementation of the above-noted topics.

Prerequisite: Certificated Project Management Professionals (PMP) through PMI.

Target Audience: Certificated Project Management Professionals (PMP) through PMI.
March 2004 Director of Transportation for the State of California, Jeff Morales submitted resignation to Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger effective March 01, 2004.
March 2004 Mike Leonardo appointed acting Division Chief of Project Management Division.
March 2004 Randy Iwasaki appointed Interim Director in March 2004.
March 2004 Project Management Board

The Project Management Board provides the project management vision and leadership on issues relating to project management, the capital outlay support program, and project delivery in the Department. They meet to:

Identify and resolve common statewide issues, concerns, constraints for project management, the capital outlay support program, project delivery;
Continuously improve the department's project management, capital outlay support management and project delivery processes, products and services;
Share information, ideas, experiences, best management practices successes/failures, and lessons learned;
Collaborate with other Functional Boards to solve project delivery issues of strategic importance to the Department.

Communication Plan-
The Project Management Board provides the project management vision and leadership on issues relating to project management, the capital outlay support program, and project delivery in the Department. Leading the project management vision and being successful in project delivery requires good communication among the PM Board Members and all of the project delivery stakeholders. This communication plan documents the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of PM Board information. It also identifies critical links among people, ideas, and information necessary for success.
This communication plan is a living document. The plan is based on the Calendar year. Please send change requests to Barbara Monday, Division of Project Management. Major changes to the format of this document will be planned and implemented on a yearly basis. Planning will begin by October 1. The PM Board will be presented with a PM Board Communication Plan for approval at the first meeting of each calendar year.

PM Board Members-
The PM Board consists of the Corporate Division of Project Management Division Chief as the Chairperson and the Program Project Management Deputy District Directors representing the Districts, Regions, and the Division of Engineering Services. The Division of Project Managementís Office Chiefs provide program and project delivery information to board members. The PM Coordinators serve as a resource to the PM Board.
July 2004 An article featuring Caltrans Project Management Certificate Program appeared in PM Network, the professional magazine of the Project Management Institute (PMI). The article, "Open Roads," focused on the benefits of the on-line training program and the partnership between Caltrans and California State University Sacramento, College of Continuing Education (CSUS, CCS). The complete article can be found here:
October 2004 The WBS Change Request has been placed on-line so that recommendations for change can be documented and logged in a historical database. A WBS Change Request Web page lists current change requests and includes a link to input change requests

An overview of Caltrans Project Management Certificate Program was presented at the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Global Congress 2004, North America, held in Anaheim, California. The panel of presenters included Terry Murphy and Lam Nguyen of Caltrans, and Jennifer Helfrich and Lee Towe of California State University Sacramento, College of Continuing Education (CSUS, CCS). The presentation focused on the collaborative effort between Caltrans and CSUS, CCE.
November 2004 Project Financial Management

A link to Project Financial Management added to the Staff Central Timesheet:

   "What do these codes mean?" ( Link to Project Financial Management website)

These Web pages are intended to help employees to understand the Department's processes for managing project funding. Links and an explanation are provided to help users understand the purpose and function of the following forms: Expenditure Authorization, Receiving Record, Travel Expense Claim, and Staff Central Timesheet.
November 2004 Project Management Division received 3 Pathfinder Quality Awards for 2004. The awards were presented by the Division Chief and project sponsor, Carlton L. Haack and Project Management Improvement Supervisor- Nigel Blampied.

Team Leaders:

o Risk Management - Ginger Williford
o Communication Management - Barbara Monday
o Project Financial Management - Brent N. Soulis

Individual team members for the projects were also given awards.
November 2004 Will Kempton is named Caltrans Director

A Folsom city official and former lobbyist with an extensive background in transportation Will Kempton (57) was named Monday as Director of Transportation.
In Folsom where he was hired in 2003 as assistant city manager, Kempton was charged with working with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to reopen Folsom Dam Road during commuter hours, and that effort is ongoing. Previously, Kempton spent a decade as a consulting partner and registered lobbyist specializing in transportation clients, airport, rail authority, General Motors Corp. and steel, energy and development interests. From 1985 to 1992, Kempton was executive director of the Santa Clara County Traffic Authority in San Jose. There he managed construction of road projects built with a sales tax program that yielded roughly $1billion. He got his start in transportation with Caltrans in 1973, and was the departments assistant director for legislative and congressional affairs from 1980 to 1985. He earned a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of San Francisco, according to a release from the Governor's office. He is a Democrat.