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Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology in 2002
Date Description
January 2002 Capital Project Milestones - Milestone listing by ID Number added to Project Management website.

Project Management Data Warehouse Handbook Release 3.5 January 2002
"Develop and implement a database containing general project information, project schedule dates, person year (PY) information, and capital cost information extracted and integrated from existing systems. The data will be accessible to project delivery staff and managers for query purposes through end user tools."
March 2002 Consultant Contract 44A0021, David T. Hullett, (Risk Management) Ph.D. UC Irvine and Quentin W. Fleming (Earned Value Management, Subject Matter Expert). Initiated contracts for consultants to advise the Statewide Project Management Improvement Teams on implementing Risk Management and Earned Value Analysis in Caltrans based on the general standards of Project Management using PMI's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)

Program Delivery Information added to the PM website- Program Delivery consists of two different sets of information.
  • The first inform about the overall management and delivery of the program. These include Delivery Meetings Calendar, Capital Support Management Reports, CTC Quarterly Reports, Performance Reports, and Peer Reviews.
  • The second report on the Bridge Scour, Minor, and Seismic Retrofit Programs, which are specific programs managed by the Division of Project Management, Office of Program Delivery.
May 2002 Division of Project Management
Manager Transition Carl Haack - Division Chief

PM Memos issued by Carl Haack, Division Chief of Project Management - Correlation between Expenditure Authorization (EA) and Programming

Project Management Directive - PMD003R Project Management Roles - This revision updates PMD003 to clarify the roles of sponsors, functional managers and task managers in the development of charters and workplans. It also adds and clarifies roles in the use of brokering and consultants, and expands the role of Deputy District Directors for Program and Project Management.
June 2002 Additions to Project Management website:
  • Guide to Caltrans Project Delivery Standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Release 6.0. The Guide provides the updated version (Release 6.0) of the Caltrans Project Delivery Standard WBS and updated WBS definitions as well as general guidelines for project scope planning practices.
  • Project Management Control System (PMCS) Flag definitions updated.
  • Project Delivery Acronyms defined.
July 2002 The Division of Project Management announced the partnership with California State University, Sacramento, College of Continuing Education (CSUS, CCE) for the development and delivery of Caltrans specific Project Management training. CSUS, CCE was selected through a competitive process that considered every state university. One of the primary products of this partnership is the Caltrans Project Management Certificate Program. This program consists of nine courses that follow industry standards (Project Management Institute - PMI) and are tailored to Caltrans organization. The courses are:
  • Introduction to Project Management
  • Project Scope, Schedule and Cost Management
  • Project Communication Management
  • Risk Management
  • Project Quality Management
  • Ethics for Capital Projects
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Procurement Management
  • Application of Project Management Fundamentals
Completion of the program will ensure that students have a solid understanding of PM fundamentals and how they are applied at Caltrans. The target audience is capital staff at the senior level or above and other staff that are preparing for movement to the senior level. Seven of the nine courses are delivered on-line with the other two in a traditional "stand-up" format. The program is part of the Capital Project Skill Development (CPSD) effort.
August 2002 Issued Guide to Caltrans Project Delivery Standard Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Release 6.0, Revision 01.
The Guide provides the updated version (Release 6.0, Revision 01) of the Caltrans Project Delivery Standard WBS and updated WBS definitions as well as general guidelines for project scope planning practices. Provides information regarding the standard Caltrans Capital Project WBS and its use to plan and control work content of capital projects. Also presents guidelines for preparing, understanding, and presenting a WBS for a given capital project. Caltrans Work Breakdown Structure (WBS 6.0), Level 5 correlated with SB45 (Senate Bill 45) project componentsWBS 6.0 Crossover Table WBS 5.1 to 6.0 crossover table developed and added to Project Management website.

PM Forum South held in San Diego
Purpose: This event is designed as a two-day offering for Project Managers from a variety of locations coming together to discuss common issues and concerns in a relaxed setting away from their normal work environment. Discussion topics current to project management professionals is the focus.

Project Delivery Acceleration Toolbox - Improvements to the Department of Transportation's Project Delivery Process added to Caltrans website.
The purpose of this document is to provide Caltrans' employees as well as our external partners some valuable tools that can be used to help accelerate project delivery. This document contains a compilation of all the Department's recent acceleration techniques. This "Tool Box" is a comprehensive report listing all the Department's acceleration efforts in the recent past and proposed techniques over the next few years. Independent efforts from the Department's staff, legislative changes and many other sources have helped to contribute to the acceleration techniques contained in this "Tool Box."

Additions to Project Management website:
  • Project Estimation Tool (PET), a.k.a., WEN 2.Update 8/29/02. This tool is designed to aid project managers and functional managers in the development of resource and duration estimates for Capital Improvement Projects.
  • The Work Breakdown Structure and Change Control
September 2002 Issued Caltrans Project Management Handbook 4th Edition, Revision 1

Issued Caltrans Guide to Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS), release 3.1, August 1998, updated September 2002 (pdf, Word)
This Guide provides the updated RBS hierarchy, RBS descriptions and the RBS Change Control Process. The Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) is a standardized list of personnel resources related by function and arranged in a hierarchical structure. It is a resource-driven system that identifies "who" is doing the work. The total resources define the Top Level, and each subsequent level is a subset of the resource category (or level) above it. Each descending (lower) level represents an increasingly detailed description of the resource until small enough to be used in conjunction with the WBS to allow the work to be planned, monitored and controlled. The hierarchical structure also allows "roll up" analysis at a variety of levels for Top Management, Project Managers, Functional Managers, or for staff.

Additions to Project Management website:
  • WBS 6.0 Milestone Listing and abbreviated names used to develop templates, etc.
  • The Cost Center to Resource Group Conversion has been updated in Workplan Standards
  • Table to aid in conversion of cost center to XPM resource group added to Project Management website.
October 2002 Issued Notice to Proceed - Consultant Contract 44A0024 & 44A0025 Statewide A&E On-Call Consultant Contract
The Consultant will provide Program and Project Management Services for transportation programs and projects of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) as requested by the State Contract Manager. Work shall be performed on a Statewide basis on projects to improve the State's transportation system. A&E on-call assistance to Caltrans project managers and project management support units.

Project Management Directive (PMD012) Local Capital Outlay Expenditure Authorizations
Local Capital Outlay project components require separate Expenditure Authorizations (EA's) for Capital Outlay program and for Capital Outlay Support

"Project Management Handbook" Fourth Edition Revision 1
This document provides an overview of the basic concepts that guide project management at Caltrans.

Caltrans support in writing a guide to government project management that was published in October by the Project Management Institute (PMI)

Headquarters Coordinators and Liaisons for various divisions assigned.
Project Delivery's role is to facilitate the delivery of capital projects on our State Highway system that will improve the movement of people, goods and services across California. Within Project Delivery, the Divisions of Design, Construction, Engineering Services, Environmental Analysis, Project Management and Right of Way help facilitate the delivery of the Department's capital projects.
November 2002 Project Management Directive (PMD011) Quality Assurance and Processing of STIP and TCRP projects on the State Highway delivered by others. Local Capital Outlay refers to project components that meet the following criteria:
  • On the State highway system and
  • Some of the funding is from the STIP or TCRF and
  • A Local or Regional Agency is responsible for delivering the project component. Project components are defined in sections 14529 (b) and 14556.13 (b) of the Government Code. Implementation begun by CTC Action 6/13/02 (Resolutions FP00-91and FP01-05) Policy issued by Carl Haack 11/15/02 (PM Directive 011) Statewide training completed 12/17/02
Additions to Project Management website:
  • The web page formerly known as "Quarterly Financial Reports" has been re-named "Financial Reports." STIP Project Delivery Cost and Schedule Reports are now available on the new page.
  • The 1st Quarter Performance Report is available in Delivery Performance Reports
  • The Internal Guide To STIP Project Delivery Cost and Schedule is available in Financial Reports
  • WBS 6.0 Abbreviated Activity Names List of abbreviated task names
December 2002 Issued PM Memos - Carl Haack -Funding of Quality Assurance.
  • Funding for Quality Assurance (pdf, Word) has been added to Process Guidance and Directives.
  • PMD 011 Quality Assurance and Processing Of STIP and TCRP projects on the State Highway delivered by others (pdf, Word) has been added to Process Guidance and Directives. The Department provides quality assurance to ensure that State Highway projects are developed in conformance with established standards, policies, and practices, without regard to funding source, sponsorship, or who performs the work.
Capital Project Skill Development - (7-1-02 to 12-31-02)
  • 229 Classes Developed or Delivered
  • 201, 821 Student Hours Training Completed.
Project Change Request Forms updated and on-line.
  • PCR's requiring corporate approval are presented by the Project Manager at one of the scheduled videoconferences.
  • Completed forms are due to HQ Project Management 10 days prior to the meeting.
  • The "XPM Cost" has been updated under RBS Documentation and Related Files in Workplan Standards on Project Management website.
  • XPM Cost - Lists average costs for each cost center in XPM
Rewrite Directive on Project Funding (formerly Reimbursed Work). Implementation begun by CTC Action 6/13/02 (Resolutions FP00-91and FP01-05) Policy issued by Carl Haack 11/15/02 (PM Directive 011). Statewide training completed 12/17/02