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Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology 2001
Date Description
January 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - Conduct Post Document Release Meet and Confer Sessions" with the Finalists 01/02/01 - 02/23/01.

Project Resource Data Management Guide
Project Identification in Transportation Accounting and Management System (TRAMS) & Project Management Control System (PMCS).

Scope and Quality Evaluation Tool (SQET) Tool Pilot Program 1/1/01 Performance measurement tool for evaluating scope and quality of capital outlay projects and rate overall customer satisfaction.
February 2001 Project Manager Workload 02/02/01. The study drew on three resources:
  • A survey of Caltrans full-time senior-level Project Managers.
  • A telephone survey of large private sector consulting engineering firms that specialize in highway design.
  • A study published by the Project Management Institute.
Capital Project Charter Process and Template 02/05/01
A charter documents the agreement between the Sponsor and Project Manager over the key elements of a project and phase. It helps the Project Manager guide the project team efficiently and effectively through the project development process. It is the first project management document in the suite of project management plans used to identify and control a project's scope, schedule, cost. It is also used to identify and control customer satisfaction requirements.

Project Resource Data Management Guide 02/15/01 This Guide describes the use of Multi-Phase Expenditure Authorizations (EA) as project identifiers for State Highway projects. It also describes some of the key codes in the Project Management Control System (PMCS) and in the Transportation Reporting and Accounting Management System (TRAMS).

Project Management Directive 008 Establishment of District Consultant Services Units 02/15/01. Consultant Services Units will be established in each of the seven Districts/Regions for the purpose of managing the procurement of outside resources necessary to deliver projects. The management of the procurement of outside resources necessary to successfully deliver projects is a Project Management function. Because of this, the Consultant Services Units will report to the Division Chief for Program/Project Management in each District/Region.
March 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - Business Processes Demonstrations by Each Finalist & Subsequent Caltrans Scoring 03/05/01 - 03/30/01

District Coordinators appointed:
District 1, 2, & 3 Mary Frederick March 2001
District 7, 8, 11 & 12 Rick Guevel March 2001
District 4, 5, 6, 9 & 10 Paul Gennaro March 2001

Conflict of Interest Policy for all Caltrans Employees and for Present and Former. 03/20/01 Caltrans Employee Involved with Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Contracts
Guide to Capital Support Management Reports 2000/2001 Edition 03/28/01. The primary goal of this guide is to assist users of the Capital Support Management Reports to understand those reports. It may also be of use to Project Managers, who are responsible for requesting new Expenditure Authorizations.
April 2001 Guide to Caltrans Capital Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Release 5.1 April 2001. The purpose of this Guide is to provide information regarding the standard Caltrans' Capital Project WBS, Release 5.1, and its use to plan and control work content of capital projects. It also presents guidelines for preparing, understanding, and presenting a WBS for a given capital project. This Guide provides the updated version (Release 5.1) of the Caltrans Capital Project standard WBS and a new set of WBS definitions as well as general guidelines for project scope planning practices. This version of the WBS will be effective as of July 1, 2001.

Consultant Services Guide 04/04/01
Prop 35 Implementation Plan - Project Management 04/20/01.
May 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - Issue Price Quotation/Bid Instructions to the Finalists 05/23/01 - 07/23/01.

Capital Projects Skill Development (CPSD)- Introduction to Training Course Development May 2001 The Capital Project Skill Development (CPSD) plan will provide Caltrans capital project staff with the knowledge and skills needed to produce their deliverables. CPSD provides discretionary training funds to the districts for securing courses in software, soft skills, and management.
June 2001 Project Change Request (PCR) Forms 06/07/01. The project change request process documents a management decision to request a change to a delivery commitment for a project.

Seismic Safety Retrofit Program (Fact Sheet) June 2001. Caltrans appointed a Seismic Advisory Board of external engineering and scientific experts to advise the department on seismic safety policies, standards and technical practices. Peer review panels of independent seismic and structural experts also are utilized to review earthquake-strengthening strategies on major, complex retrofit projects.
July 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - 1st Draft Price Quote 07/24/01 - 08/31/01

Project Management Directive 009 Encumbrance Expenditure Authorizations (EA's) for On-Call Contracts 07/01/01. An encumbrance Expenditure Authorizations (EA) will be established in each District/Region, and in each Headquarters Division having statewide on-call contracts, for encumbering Architectural and Engineering (A&E), Object Code 232 funds for on-call.

Division of Project Management Manager Transition 7/9/01
Mickey Horn - Acting Division Chief
August 2001 District Coordinators appointed:
District 4 Mary Payyappilly August 2001
District 8 & 11 Bob Morrison August 2001

Existing District Coordinators re-assigned:

District 1, 2, & 3 Mary Frederick March 2001
District 7 & 12 Rick Guevel March 2001
District 5, 6, 9 & 10 Paul Gennaro March 2001

Retrofit Soundwall Program 08/08/01. On August 19, 1999 the California Transportation Commission approved $170 million dollars for implementation of a special retrofit soundwall program.

Bridge Scour Program 08/10/01.

Division of Local Assistance 08/21/01.

Local Assistance Guidebooks
The Division of Local Assistance assists local agencies in taking advantage of state and federal funded transportation programs. We accomplish this by developing implementation policies that are consistent with Legislative requirements. The District Local Assistance Offices, coordinated by the Division of Local Assistance in Sacramento, process project funding applications, federal documents, and serve as the primary contact for local agencies. Local agencies are reimbursed for their transportation projects through Caltrans.

PMCS Flags 08/23/01

2001/2002 FY Minor Capital Outlay Program Guidelines
Minor B projects are SHOPP-type projects with construction costs of $117,000 or less, at the time of allocation.
Minor A projects are SHOPP-type projects with construction costs between $117,001 and $750,000, at the time of allocation by the Commission.

Statements of Work - On Call 08/27/01 The Statements of Work (SOW) section has standard statements of work as well as a list of contacts to ask questions to about SOW for various types of work.
September 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - 2nd Draft Price
Quote 09/13/01 - 10/16/01.

Contracts for Bid
This is the Department of Transportation, Service Contracts, web page. This page will allow you to select the type of contract you are interested in and allow you to download bid packages in each of the 19 various contract types. All Bid Packages will be posted to this Website between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m., the day the ads appear on the California State Contracts Register (CSCR).

Caltrans Functional Organization Charts
October 2001 PRSM (Project Resource & Schedule Management) - Final Price Quote Review, Finalize Cost and Scope 10/23/01 - 10/30/01 Contract Award and Contract Signing 10/31/01 - 01/04/02.
December 2001 The current list of Project Management courses available as part of the Capital Project Skill Development effort.

Annual Project World - San Jose, Calif. 12/12/01-12/13/01 Convention Center
Project Management Seminars attended by 74 Department of Transportation Project Management personnel.
Project World and Caltrans sessions (4) were attended and evaluations and lessons learned documented.
Caltrans Sessions: Risk Management, Project Change Control Lessons, PMP Certification, & Quality Assurance Guidelines.