California Department of Transportation

Project Management

Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology 1999
Date Description
March 1999 Issued Project Management Directive 99-01 Project Management Definitions.
March 1999 Issued Project Management Directive 99-03 Project Management Roles.
March 1999 Issued Project Management Directive 99-04 Capital Project Operational Plans.
April 1999 Publish the Project Management Handbook, Third Edition
May 1999 Issued Project Management Directive 99-02 Project Identification.
May 1999 Revised Work Breakdown Structure (WBS 4.0 May 1999) for 98/99 FY to deal with Program Accountability at Caltrans (PACT) and realignments of R/W Property Management & Excess Land Sales.
June 1999 Selected alternatives for Capital Project Initiation, Cost and Schedule Management and provided a Project Management framework, function hierarchy, process flow diagrams, data requirements, and glossary for Capital Outlay Support in Designer 2000.
June 1999 Instructions issued for reimbursement of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification costs.
  1. Integrated and standardized project management database system.
  2. Continuous and adaptable project management training program.
  3. Functional areas use workplans to plan, guide execution and status their work.
  4. Caltrans is a recognized leader in project delivery quality (ISO 9000).
  5. Project manager career path.
July 1999 Using funds in 1998-99 budget (see July 1998), Caltrans provided over 400,000 hours of training to its Capital Outlay Support employees.
July 1999 Developed and updated interrelated tables from Project Management Control System (PMCS), eXpert Project Manager (XPM), California Transportation Improvement Program System (CTIPS) and the Operations Plan for a project cost and schedule management system to guide development of a quarterly reporting system.
July 1999 Developed a prototype visual fox pro system that allows the operations plan manager to manage the operations plan. The system will need to include all of the functionality to add and remove projects, maintain a baseline, and manage the linkages to program project counterparts as well as maintain links to eXpert Project Manager (XPM) and Project Management Control System (PMCS). This system should include input procedures and processes to maintain PMCS data as well. One result will be data that can be warehoused for ease of access to internal and external customers.
August 1999 Project Schedule Control System (PSCS) User Manual. User's manual for generating eXpert Project Manager (XPM)/Time Reporting System (TRS) comparison reports.
September 1999 Caltrans creates two Project Management Coordinators positions to improve communication between Headquarters and the District's in regards to Capital delivery expectations and project management best practices.
Revised Capital Projects Milestones 09/13/99. Engineering Service Center Changes requested July 7, 1999.
October 1999 AB1012 10/10/99
AB 1012 contains seven main elements and is an urgency measure. The main intent of the bill is to reduce the large cash balance in the State Highway Account in the State Transportation Fund.
AB1012 has seven major components as follows:
  1. Transportation Project Delivery Advisory Teams
  2. Comprehensive Project Delivery Management Information System Plan
  3. Adds an "Advance Project Development" Element to the STIP and Requires Fund Estimate to Designate Resources Available for Advance Project Development Element
  4. Reimbursable Work Account
  5. State Highway Account (SHA) Loan Program
  6. Expedited Project Study Report (PSR) Compliance
  7. Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP)-Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality Improvement Program (CMAQ)/Obligational Authority "Use-it-or-Lose-It" Limitation.
November 1999 Annual Review of Project Scope, Cost and Schedule 11/22/99. Project Managers shall ensure that each project has a documented review and update of the project's scope, cost and schedule, which is not more than one year old, included in the project's permanent history file.
December 1999 Issued Project Management Directive 99-05 Planning, producing and charging by Phase.
35 subject matter experts participated in a one-week workshop to design a skill development plan for the entire 10,000-person capital project workforce.