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Chronology 1997
Date Description
1997 Project Management Program (PMP) implemented a reorganization plan to separate Project Management improvement functions from the operational (day to day) activities.
Participated in 10-state mid-west Project Management consortium for the second year in a row. Major goals are to exchange ideas and establish industry "best practices" in the Project Management arena.
Developed a process where each project delivery team estimated workload and support resource needs for their projects on 96% of all major projects, which when input into eXpert Project Manager (XPM)) and compiled provided the basis for the project specific workload in the FY 1998-99 Capital Outlay Support Budget. Project workplans (1400) entered into for 97/98 statewide rollup Capital Outlay Support (COS) budget.
Consistent with the Departmentís continuous improvement focus, other improvements are being pursued. Major improvements that are being developed or implementation is underway are: engaged in a Business Process Review to improve Project Management, thus further the benefits and efficiency that Project Management concepts bring to our product and customer satisfaction. Continuing to focus on changing Department cultural attitudes regarding Project Management. Developing training programs to focus on interpersonal skills necessary for effective Project Management. Stressing customer/stakeholder involvement in the project delivery process and the importance of empowering the project team, lead by the Project Manager, to address project and customer needs.
January 1997 Published Project Resource Data Management Guide 1996-97 edition
February 1997 Introduced a one-day "Project Management overview", an ongoing education program, to clarify roles and responsibilities of Project Managers and Functional Managers.
March 1997 Caltrans 1996 Action Plan Caltrans response to the Peer Review by Robert Bein, William Frost and Associates, CH2M Hill, Psomas and Associates, and Arizona Department of Transportation (Sep96).

PWSR (Project Workplan Status Report).
The task force program that made districts get workplans into XPM (eXpert Project Manager) for the first time so that bottoms up workload estimates could be developed statewide.
  • Workplan started total
  • District Workplans completed Total
  • ESC Work Agreements completed Total
  • Workplans in XPM Total
  • Workplans in District Model Total
  • Workplans baselined in District Model Total.
May 1997 California Supreme Court ruled that the use of Architectural and Engineering Services, except in certain narrowly defined conditions, violated the State Constitution. (See November 2000).
June 1997 Department begins using the Project Schedule and Control System (PSCS) which incorporates the project workplan information in eXpert Project Manager (XPM)) regarding schedules and planned resource needs and compare to actual resource usage in the Departmentís Timesheet Reporting System (TRS).
September 1997 1997 Project Management Handbook. Second Edition
October 1997 Department of Transportation - Draft Closeout Report for Stanford Research Institute (SRI)
Project Schedule Control System (PSCS)
eXpert Project Manager (XPM)/TRS Comparison Reports Ė Userís Manual
Senate Bill 45 (SB45) Chaptered.

Simplified the process whereby transportation projects are funded and better establish responsibility and accountability for project delivery.
Statute becomes effective Jan98: It transforms the STIP from a project delivery document to a resources Management document. Caltrans will program only those projects to be funded through the Interregional Improvement Program and recommend highway improvement projects to be funded through the Regional Improvement Funds. The Department remains responsible for the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of the State Highway System.
Publish Caltrans Guide to Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS), Release 3.0, October 1997
Publish Project Schedule Control System (PSCS) XPM/TRS Comparison Reports Users Manual, October 1997.

Division of Project Management
Manager Transition:
Jack Boda - Division Chief
November 1997 Published Guide to Caltrans Capital Support Management Reports, 1997-98 edition.
Final Report published on the Caltrans Business Process Review
December 1997 1997 Progress Report Caltrans progress report on the Peer Review by Robert Bein, William Frost and Associates, CH2M Hill, Psomas and Associates, and Arizona Department of Transportation in September 1996.