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Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology 1996
Date Description
1996 Project Management Program (PMP) embraced A Guide to the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) regarding Project Management that has been compiled by the profession, through the Project Management Institute (PMI) to guide the Departmentís continuous improvement effort in Project Management. We have used their concepts that emphasize the interaction of people, process, and tools in effective Project Management to evaluate our processes, target improvements, and develop education programs to raise awareness.
February 1996 Caltrans Director approved the Regionalization of Capital Outlay Support activities: Right-of-Way, Environmental, Design, Construction and Misc. Engineering Support. North Region Districts 1, 2, and 3; Central Region Districts 5, 6, 9, and 10.
March 1996 Stanford Research Institute (SRI) follow-up report to Legislature on Caltrans progress on Implementing Feb 94 Recommendations of SRI.
March 1996 Project Support Budgets established to meet requirements of Senate Bill 1565/94 (see 1994).
Project Management Program (PMP) developed the Capital Outlay Support (COS) Budget Development and Management" proposal following the Business, Transportation, and Housing (BT&H) Supplemental Report of The 1996 Budget Act. The proposal recommends using the project support budgets (output of project workplans) for Capital Outlay Support (COS) workload development.
May 1996 Guide to Caltrans Capital Outlay Support Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Release 3.0.
June 1996 Workload Estimating Norms (WEN) task groups develop norms for Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Level 5 activities.
The Management-consulting firm of CH2M-Hill was hired for an independent evaluation of the process used in the WEN tool development. Their February 1997 conclusion was that the WEN tool is a good first step toward developing project-level workload estimating norms. This tool is critical to getting the best estimates of workload at the initial stages of projects. Ch2M Hill provided four recommendations, each of which the Department has developed an action plan for. The WEN tool will provide establishment of norms at project specific Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) levels. Absent this tool, Project Schedule and Cost Analysis (PYPSCAN) was used as a program-wide workload norm during the FY 1997-98 budget process, providing a reality check of the results of the project support budget process.
July 1996 Initiate Peer review of Capital Outlay Support (COS) budget process by CH2M-Hill, Psomas, Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT).
Division of Project Management
Manager Transition:
Tony Harris - Division Chief
September 1996 1996 Peer Review Report final report to Legislature by CH2M-Hill, Psomas, and Arizona Department of Transportation (DOT) Workload Development Peer Review. The review determined that the Department has a good plan and is underway to perform "Product Driven Zero Based Budgeting". The report identified that Project Management concepts are being implemented. The report also recommended improvements in areas concerning: fully integrated and comprehensive Project Management systems to support Project Management procedures, Project Management Improvement Plan implementation, project delivery efficiencies, allocation of resources, and performance measures and incentives.
  1. The unavailability of a data based project management reporting system anchored by XPM.
  2. The lack of the use of flexible resources within the purview of the Project Manager.
  3. The significant culture change required from Functional Managers in determining resource needs by project, and in accepting the Project Managersí leadership role.
  4. The ingrained bureaucratic cultural resistance to a flattened organizational culture centered on project delivery by Project Managers.
  5. The culture change necessary at Caltrans to eliminate micro management of individual projects by Headquarters.
November 1996 - March 1997 Project support budget task force - workplans, market Project Management, develop performance measures, project support budget development - eXpert Project Manager (XPM)) work plans for 97/98 and 98/99, load labor expenditures from Time Reporting System (TRS) to Project Schedule and Control System (PSCS)
November 1996 Directors Office Memo dated 11/20/96 on "Policy Guidelines on Implementing One Hat Project Management " The Department issued single hat Project Managerís policy with implementation date of July 1997, establishing the one hat Project Manager as sole point of contact for projects and seeks to expand their authority by increasing the available time for managers to work on projects. This rule also ensures equitable allocation of resources to projects.