California Department of Transportation

Project Management

Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology 1992
Date Description
February 1992 Implement Project Manager authority from project inception to completion of construction and project close out. Director ‘s letter on support of Project Management.
February 1992 Analyzing mainframe access software – Attachmate.
March 1992 Developed Project Schedule and Cost Analysis (PYPSCAN)/Primavera interface procedures and training
April 1992 Project Management Data Base System (PMDBS) contract signed with Teradata Corporation and user team established.
Project Cost And Scheduling Tracking Report initiated statewide introducing Earned Value concept.
May 1992 Project Scope, Cost, and Schedule Management Procedures revised May 15, 1992 signed by the Director, JAMES W. VAN LOBEN SELS. Supersedes March 15, 1991 memo signed by Deputy Director, R. P. Weaver.
June 1992 Caltrans Director notified Department of impending Management audit proposed by Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 72. The study is to be done by Stanford Research Institute (SRI). SCR72 Bergeson Bill: (Sep 92) Management Audit Of Caltrans and Its Organizational Structure and Practices.
July 1992 Initiate work on Project Management database system Feasibility Study Report (FSR). Project was terminated Feb 93 under mutual agreement with vendor.
California Transportation Commission (CTC) Passed Resolution G-92-12 Dept Objectives: 90% Delivery for Ready To List dates (RTL) and 100% Delivery for Dollars programmed.
August 1992 Published Project Management Control System (PMCS) User Manual,
September 1992 Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 72 (SCR72) Bergeson "This measure would make legislative findings regarding the need for a study of the organizational structure and management of the Department of Transportation, in light of the state’s changing transportation needs. The measure would direct the Legislative Analyst to contract with a private consulting firm to conduct a management audit of the department, as specified, and make recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for improving the efficiency of the department."
October 1992 "Project Management Peer Review" initiated by Bechtel, Army Corp of Engineers, and US Navy.
November 1992 Division of Project Management
Manager Transition:
Irene Itamura - Division Chief Peer Review Questionnaire - Bechtel, Army Corp of Engineers, and US Navy.
December 1992 Project Management Data Base System (PMDBS) termination of contract - NCR / TERRADATA.