California Department of Transportation

Project Management

Chronology of Project Management in Caltrans

Chronology from 1980 - 1989
Date Description
1980 Person Year and Project Schedule and Cost Analysis (PYPSCAN) adopted. PYPSCAN is the Department’s automated project scheduling system, which has been operational since the summer of 1980. PYPSCAN was designed to forecast, report, and monitor Capital Outlay related resources needed to develop and deliver the Department’s Multiyear Capital Program. Resources are time, dollars, and personnel.
September 1987 ASSEMBLY TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION AND LITTLE HOVER COMMISSION HEARING ON STIP PROJECT DELAYS, September 30, 1987: "Caltrans should look to other organizations for new project management techniques to reduce project development and delivery lag times."
March 1988 Governor issued Executive Order No. D69-88 which created several task forces to recommend ways to improve the Department’s ability to deliver projects:
  • Governor’s interagency task force
  • Local Agency advisory task force
  • Consulting Engineers task force
  • Caltrans Delta team
  • Caltrans performance evaluation system
April 1988 "DELTA TEAM" STRATEGIES, April 15, 1988:
  1. Eliminate or streamline project delivery process steps.
  2. Eliminate layers of review. Delegate authority to District Management.
  3. Accelerate contracting out.
  4. Change State and Federal Environmental Requirements.
  5. Obtain delegations from FHWA in the Environmental and Design areas.
  6. Develop a project management system to monitor the demonstration projects and strategies.
June 1988 Local Agency task force (part of D69-88) and Consultants recommend "Caltrans Implement Project Management".
December 1988 Chief Deputy Director conducted satellite video conference with all Caltrans staff ‘Dynamics Of Project Management’ described Project Management philosophy and the Departments objectives for its implementation.

Project Management Data Warehouse Handbook (PMDW) Release 3.1. Field descriptions, software usage and system architecture. The PMDW stores project data selected from the Project Management Control System (PMCS), the Transportation Accounting Management System (TRAMS) and the Office of Office Engineers (OE) database. Data can be retrieved by PCs, analyzed, formatted, printed, saved or expo.
1988 Senate Bill 140 (SB140) required Caltrans to produce an annual "Project Delivery Report" and "Project Delivery Plan."
January 1989 Caltrans Director communicates to District Directors and executive staff decision that Caltrans will implement Project Management.


Formal implementation and initial training in core Project Management concepts by Fluor Daniels
April 1989 Districts directed to develop ‘Project Management Implementation Plan’
Primavera and Microsoft Project software selected as Department scheduling tools.
May 1989 Project Management guidelines review workshop for Department Management
June 1989 Project Management Implementation Plans received from Districts. Districts implemented PM in different ways. Project Manager assigned to all major projects and District Project Control Unit established. Authorization for statewide computer hardware and software purchase for Project Management.
September 1989 District Project Management Implementation Plans approved by Headquarters Project Management Office.
October 1989 District project control support group formed and Quarterly Delivery Meetings established. Office Project Planning and Design issued Project Development Workflow Tasks to the Districts.
1989 Assembly Bill 471 (AB471) and Senate Bill 300 (SB300) revised the "Project Delivery Report" and required Caltrans to produce an annual "Cost Of Project Development Report."