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Heliport Permitting

Site Approval

Pursuant to Public Utilities Code (PUC) 21664 and California Code of Regulations (CCR) 3534, any political subdivision or person planning to construct, establish, or expand a heliport shall apply for the appropriate permit from the department prior to the construction, establishment or expansion. The permit application must be made on Department Form DOA-0201, Heliport Site Approval Permit - Application and must include the following:

  1. Two copies of scaled drawings of the heliport and adjoining areas. CCR 3534(b)(1), 3550, 3551, and 3554 provide required details, which include Heliport Design standards such as the TLOF (Touchdown and Liftoff Area), FATO (Final Approach and Takeoff Area), and Safety Areas, FAR Part 77 imaginary surfaces including the Primary, Approach, and Transitional Surfaces, and required marking, lighting, and visual aids.
  2. Topographic map that shows the location of the approach surfaces relative to the heliport
  3. Local area map or drawing depicting the heliport and the location of schools, places of public gathering and residential areas within 1,000 feet of the center of a proposed FATO.
  4. Pursuant to PUC 21661.5, documentation of approval of the plan for construction by either the Board of Supervisors of the county or the City Council of the city (as appropriate) in which the heliport is to be located. Note that PUC 21661.5(b) allows delegation of this responsibility to the county or city planning agency, if properly delegated (i.e., by Resolution).
  5. Documentation of action by the Airport Land Use Commission of the county in which the heliport is to be located
  6. Documentation of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (i.e., CEQA). See the Aero Environmental Guidance page for more information.
  7. Documentation showing ownership of the heliport. The owner is the person with the authority to possess the facility, either as the outright legal owner or through a lease of at least one year. Grant Deeds, Tax Bills, and Lease Documents are examples of potentially suitable proof of ownership documents. Submissions should also include a plat map showing the location of the parcel(s).
  8. FAA Airspace Determination regarding the heliport. The proponent must complete and submit FAA Form 7480-1, Notice of Landing Area Proposal, to the FAA. The FAA conducts an Airspace Study to determine the impact of the proposed facility on the National Airspace System and the Airspace Determination is the end product.
Note: A separate heliport permit is not required for a designated heliport located within the boundaries of a permitted airport if the heliport meets heliport design standards as described in Article 4 (CCR 3550, 3551, 3554) of the CCR. For these "on airport" heliports, proponents need to submit the "scaled drawings" and "FAA Airspace Determination" described above, so that the Department may approve that the proposed heliport meets design standards.

Last Updated: February 26, 2014