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Airport Permitting

Temporary Airport Authorization

As stated above, PUC 21663 makes it unlawful for an airport to be operated without a State Airport Permit (unless otherwise exempted). CCR 3532 provides a process for temporary authorization of an airport, for reasons like using a taxiway as a runway during runway reconstruction, or other short - term needs. To obtain a Temporary Airport Authorization, a person must submit a letter of request, along with the following information and documentation:

  1. Name of person applying and name of the aircraft operator.
  2. Site location (latitude and longitude and other descriptive information which will assist in locating site).
  3. Local area map with site plotted on map (United States Geological Survey, city map, etc.).
  4. Type(s) of aircraft to use the site.
  5. Period (start and end dates) and expected number of operations (landings and takeoffs).
  6. Purpose and description of operations.
  7. Letter or notice of approval from local governing body (city or county)
  8. Letter or notice of approval by landowner.
  1. The Department will evaluate temporary airport sites using the airport design standards in Article 3 of the CCR. Variances may potentially be granted from design standards when safety of flight or the interests of the general public are not jeopardized.
  2. Temporary Airport Authorizations are for specific events and specified time periods.

Last Updated: August 16, 2013