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Site Approval - Airport Permitting :: Permit Issuance, Requirements & Conditions

Permit Issuance, Requirements & Conditions

Pursuant to PUC 21666, the Department will consider the following, before issuing a State Airport Permit:

  1. The site meets or exceeds the minimum airport standards specified by the Department in its rules and regulations (the Department may modify its minimum airport standards if satisfied the airport will conform to minimum standards of safety).
  2. Safe air traffic patterns have been established for the proposed airport and all existing airports and approved airport sites in its vicinity.
  3. Safe "zones of approach" for the airport have been engineered in conformity with the provisions of PUC 21403 (compliance with FAR Part 77).
  4. The Department may impose reasonable permit conditions which it deems necessary to ensure the purposes of PUC 21666.
  5. The advantages to the public in selection of the site of a proposed new airport (or airport expansion) outweigh the disadvantages to the environment. Environmental considerations include but are not limited to noise, air pollution, and the burden upon the surrounding area caused by the airport (or airport expansion), including but not limited to, surface traffic and expense. The standards by which noise considerations are weighed shall be the level of noise acceptable to a reasonable person residing in the vicinity of the airport. The regulations adopted by the Department pursuant to PUC 21669 may be considered in determining such level of noise.
  1. Each permit issued by the department shall set forth any conditions imposed thereon, and any modification of the general minimum airport standards prescribed by the department relative to such airport or airport site.
  2. Any permit issued by the Department shall continue in effect so long as the airport meets the conditions under which the permit is issued or until action is taken by the Department to revoke or suspend the permit.
  3. When airport ownership changes, the new airport owner shall submit Department Form DOA-0103, Amended/Corrected Airport Permit-Application, along with legal documentation of the ownership change, within 30 days of such change.
  4. Before physical or operational changes are made which affect permit conditions, the airport owner shall submit Department Form DOA-0103, Amended/Corrected Airport Permit-Application, along with supporting documentation identified on the form, to remove, add or amend the conditions. The application and supporting documentation shall be submitted to the Department by the airport owner at least 30 working days prior to the physical or operational change.
  5. The Department may refuse to issue a permit if permit requirements have not been met. Any person denied a permit shall, upon request, be granted a hearing by the Department to determine whether the permit should be issued.

Last Updated: June 14, 2013