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Airport Permitting

Permit Exemptions

Pursuant to PUC 21661 and CCR 3533, the following types of airports are exempt from State Airport Permit requirements:

  1. Airports owned or operated by the United States Government.
  2. Agricultural airports - Airports restricted to use only by agricultural aerial applicator aircraft (FAR Part 137 operators).
  3. Seaplane landing sites.
  4. Personal - Use airports in unincorporated areas which meet the requirements of Article 5 (CCR 3560) of the CCR.
  5. "Grandfathered" airports which were established and are currently being used under an exemption granted under previous Department regulations. These airports shall continue to be exempt, provided the use and conditions of the exemption continue to be met. These airports shall be marked in accordance with CCR 3560(e).
  1. An owner of an exempt airport may apply for a permit under these regulations.
  2. The above listed exemptions do not supersede or negate any requirements of Federal agencies or local government jurisdictions.
  3. An airport's exemption ceases if the airport's owner no longer operates the airport within the limitations of the exemption.

Last Updated: August 16, 2013