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Department of Transportation
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Grants & Loans - Financial Assistance

The Division administers three state aid programs for airports. The sole funding source for these grants is excise fuel tax revenues on general aviation (GA) gasoline (18¢ per gallon) and for GA jet fuel (2¢ per gallon).
  • Airport Improvement Program (AIP) Matching funds assist General Aviation (GA) airports in meeting the local match for federal Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants. Effective May 24, 2012 the State grant is 5.0% of the federal AIP grant amount. Eligible projects must benefit GA and be included in the Capitol Improvement Program (CIP) element of the California Aviation System Plan.
  • The Annual Credit provides a $10,000 per year entitlement to eligible publicly-owned, public-use airports (@149) for expenditure at the sponsor’s discretion.
  • Acquisition and Development (A&D) grants are for eligible projects subject to programming and allocation by the CTC. An airport land use commission (ALUC) can receive funding to either prepare or update a comprehensive land use plan (CLUP).

Aeronautics Program Funding Authority

For more information, contact:

Tarek Tabshouri, Chief Office of Technical Services and Programs
Phone: 916-654-3775

Last Updated: January 4, 2017