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Government Roles

Various levels of government have differing roles and interests with land use planning around airports.

Federal: FAA approves Airport Master Plans, Airport Layout Plans, and airport noise studies. They are the lead in the federal environmental processes and they manage the nation’s airspace. The FAA publishes standards for the airside of the airport and provides planning guidelines for use by airport sponsors.

State: The Division of Aeronautics provides for the integration of aviation into transportation system planning on a regional, statewide, and national basis. Staff administers noise regulation and land use planning laws that foster compatible land use around airports and encourages environmentally compatible mitigation measures to be adopted to minimize incompatible land use development around airports.

Airport Land Use Commissions (ALUCs): ALUCs prepare the Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan (ALUCP) and ensure that county and city plans (general, specific or other) are consistent with the ALUCP. ALUCs establish the policies on land uses around the airport, ensuring they are compatible with airport operations. This is done on an advisory basis. ALUCs also evaluate the compatibility of proposed local agency land use policy actions with the relevant provisions in the ALUCP.

Local Governments: Cities and/or counties have a responsibility to ensure the orderly development of the airports within their local jurisdiction and make sure all applicable planning documents and building regulations are consistent with the ALUCP. They also have the final decision on local land use issues and have the ability to overrule ALUC determinations, if they make specific findings that the action is consistent with PUC Section 21670 to promote “public health, safety, and welfare.”

Last Updated: December 20, 2013