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Proposed School & State Building Site Evaluations

Pursuant to State law, the Division of Aeronautics is required to evaluate certain proposed K–12 school (Education Code (EC) 17215), Community College (EC 81033), and State building (Public Utilities Code (PUC) 21655) sites. These evaluations are required for proposed sites within two nautical miles of an airport. Links with details about these statutes, and the specific requirements of each, are provided below. However, in general, the evaluations aim to determine whether a proposed site provides an adequate level of safety and non-disruptive noise and, in so doing, enables the guiding principles of safety for the building occupants and comprehensive community planning. Additionally, EC 17215 required the Department of Transportation to adopt regulations with criteria for K-12 school site evaluation. California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 21, Section 3570 was promulgated for this purpose.

The Division evaluates the compatibility of the school and State building sites based on guidance and information contained in the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook, the local Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan, and other factors before making its recommendations to the responsible State Department for use in determining whether state funds can be expended for the intended purpose.

Last Updated: December 20, 2013