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Protecting Our Airports and Our Communities

CA Airport Land Use Book Cover

Airports and the land around them are sensitive and valuable resources. It is the what, where and how of some land use changes that can endanger an airport’s activities or potential future use; therefore, it is critical that compatible land use planning receive particular consideration to avoid these conflicts. The federal government, the State of California, and local governments have put substantial public investment in California’s aviation system, and as stewards of the system, we need to protect them.

One of the greatest concerns facing airports today is the continued pressure brought about by land use decisions that threaten and limit the operations of an airport, referred to as “encroachment.” The Caltrans, Division of Aeronautics’ (Division) role is to effectively protect and preserve aviation so that California has a sustainable airport system. Individually, incompatible land use decisions may appear to have a negligible impact. But collectively and over time, land use decisions can lead to the restriction of airport activities or a conditional airport closure (e.g. time of day flight restrictions), by reducing or eliminating the airports many benefits – eroding the aviation system as a whole.

The Airport Land Use Compatibility Planning in California brochure is a guide to inform the general public, elected officials, and decision-makers on the importance of appropriate and responsible land use planning to prevent encroachment and preserve the State’s aviation system, an integral part of the transportation network. To assist in this endeavor, the Division of Aeronautics publishes the California Airport Land Use Planning Handbook (Handbook), which establishes statewide guidelines for airport land use compatible planning based on the State Aeronautics Act.

California’s General Aviation Airports: Links to Vitality
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Last Updated: August 15, 2014