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The Importance of Aviation

The Economic Impact of Civil Aviation on the U.S. Economy - poster

“In 2009, U.S. civil aviation-related economic activity totaled $1.3 trillion, generating 10.2 million jobs with $394.4 billion in earnings1.”

As the 8th largest economy in the world and as a gateway to the world, Aviation is a vital link in California’s transportation system and enables global competitiveness. According to the Federal Aviation Administration’s economic report, airports, airlines, and businesses that support California airports provided more than 1.1 million direct and indirect jobs and as much as $200.1 billion in economic activity and payroll earnings throughout the State (2009). General Aviation in California leads the nation in total economic output ($3.7 billion) and visitor expenditures ($1.2 billion) in 2009. California’s share of international visitors was 16.5 percent. Air cargo, consisting mainly of high-value, time-sensitive documents and goods, plays a significant role in the vitality of the State’s economy.

In today’s international and technology-oriented economy, businesses use the speed and reliability of air service to achieve operating efficiency. In addition, California’s airports are critical for providing services such as business travel, tourism, emergency response, fire suppression, and law enforcement. Today, aviation in California continues to provide tangible and intangible benefits, such as an enhanced quality of life and improved mobility. And, California’s system of 246 public use airports means there is connectivity to commercial service and general aviation air transportation, while partnering with the local airport.

1The Economic Impact of Civil Aviation on the U.S. Economy: Economic Impact of Civil Aviation by State Federal Aviation Administration (December 2011)

Last Updated: December 20, 2013