California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date:       November 3, 2015
District:   4 - Oakland
Contact:  Leah Robinson-Leach
Phone:    (510) 715-6730

Pier E3 Implosion Planned for Saturday 11/14

Whole Month of November is Most Environmentally Conscious Time for Demolition

OAKLAND--Today, Caltrans announced that the implosion of Pier E3 is scheduled take place on Saturday 11/14, one week later than previously planned. Experts opted to move the date Tuesday morning after their thorough inspections found certain project materials were unsatisfactory.

"This is our process at work," said Brian Maroney, Chief Bridge Engineer for the Caltrans Toll Bridge Program. "Safety is the first priority. We commend the contractor for their diligent and extensive verification of the product they received, and for swiftly notifying us of the desire to reschedule. Safely and responsibly executing the implosion within the month of November remains our main objective."

Today, the media was given an extensive briefing on what to expect on the updated implosion date of Saturday November 14th, including environmental monitoring procedures, scientific analysis and predictions of what to expect before and after the event.

Members of the public should keep the following in mind during the implosion on Saturday November 14th:

  • The implosion is expected to total six seconds, and will occur mostly underwater.
  • The single best place to watch the implosion will be online. Follow along on twitter at #E3Implosion, or check for more information.
  • There is a perimeter of 1,500 feet around the demolition site, which will be enforced by the California Highway Patrol.
  • Bay Bridge traffic will be held for approximately 15 minutes to prevent potential distraction to drivers.
  • BART trains will be held temporarily outside of the Transbay Tube, resulting in slight delays.
  • The public will have no access to viewpoints on the eastern side of Yerba Buena Island.
  • The bike path will be closed to the public starting at 6pm on November 13 until after the implosion, at least 10 am on Saturday November 14.