California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date: June 26, 2015
District: 06
Contact: Gloria Rodriguez or Tami Conrado
Phone: (559) 444-2409 (559) 488-4082


FRESNO–The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has allocated $561 million to 125 transportation projects that will help rebuild and maintain California’s infrastructure, as well as encourage and support the use of alternate forms of transportation, such as bicycling and walking. Of this, 32 biking and pedestrian projects throughout the state will receive nearly $8.5 million in allocations from the Active Transportation Program.

“At Caltrans, we are working to not only preserve our investments in the state highway system, but are also investing in projects that expand the availability bike and pedestrian access throughout the state,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Allocations like those made today help us to ensure the state’s transportation system will support and benefit Californians for decades to come.”

Among the projects that received funding allocations today were:

  • Kern: $17.4 million to rehabilitate 45.2 lane miles of roadway on SR 58 near Bakersfield between Tehachapi Creek Bridge and Cache Creek Bridge.  Improvements include removing and replacing with asphalt and rubberized asphalt and repairing failed
    concrete to improve ride quality.
  • Kern: $7.4 million to widen southbound SR 99 off-ramp to Rosedale Highway to improve operational efficiency and safety during peak hours of travel.
  • Kern (COG): 377,000 to the City of Ridgecrest to construct a pedestrian path and install xeriscape landscaping on College Heights Blvd, from Dolphin Avenue to Cerro Coso Community College.
  • Tulare (TCAG): $20.8 million middle segment (Caldwell) near Visalia, from 1.2 miles south of Avenue 280 to 0.9 miles south of west Visalia overhead; widen from four to six lanes.

Active transportation projects funded include:

  • Fresno (COG): $32,000 to the City Fresno for the Butler Avenue Bicycle Lane project which includes restriping Butler Avenue between Hazelwood and Peach Avenue to create a Class II Bike Lane.
  • Fresno (COG): $34,000 to the City of Fresno for installation of traffic signals at the intersection of Thorne and Clinton Avenues.
  • Fresno (COG): $229,000 to the City of Mendota for Mendota Elementary pedestrian improvements, including the installation of curb ramps and sidewalk at two intersections: Bass Avenue at Second Street and Perez Street at Lozano. Crosswalk markings with in- roadway lights and Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacons will also be installed at Bass Avenue and 2nd Street.
  • Kern (COG): $580,000 to the City of Arvin for sidewalk improvements by Comanche Drive; Sycamore Road, Derby Street, and Varsity Avenue. This project will construct a safe route to school using paved walkways, access ramps, and crosswalks along various streets connecting to elementary schools.
  • Kern (COG): $70,000 to the City of Tehachapi to construct a sidewalk, curb and gutter, ADA compliant ramps, Class II bike lanes, and improved crosswalks to close existing gaps on Curry Street, Valley Blvd, Anita Drive, and Dennison Road providing a safer means of transportation for numerous students that walk or bike to school.
  • Tulare (TCAG): $379,000 to the community of Tooleville a sidewalk and school bus pullout will be constructed to enhance the safety for pedestrians walking to and utilizing the school bus stop on Road 204.
  • Tulare (TCAG): $397,000 to the community of Terra Bella, design and construct new sidewalk, curb and gutter on one side of Ave 94 (Acacia) between Rd 236 and Road 238 to enhance the safety for pedestrians walking to school along Ave 94.
  • Tulare (TCAG): $245,000 to the City of Woodlake to construct sidewalks, ADA ramps, striping and signage along Castle Rock Street to eliminate the gaps in sidewalks enabling students to safety walk to school by eliminating the potential for vehicle/pedestrian accidents.

The newly allocated funding also includes $441.5 million from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program for 49 projects that will maintain and preserve the investment in the state highway system and its supporting infrastructure. These capital improvements consist of projects covering maintenance, pavement repair and rehabilitation, safety improvements and upgrades to bridges throughout the state.

The remaining $110.9 million in allocations came from assorted transportation accounts funded by state and federal dollars.

Please see the attached file for more information about all projects that received allocations.