California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date: June 25, 2015
District: Headquarters
Contact: Betsy Totten
Phone: (707) 445-6444
Contact:  Tamie McGowen
Phone: (916) 657-5060

Caltrans’ New Cable Median Barriers Improve Safety, Prevent Collisions

HUMBOLDT COUNTY – In this Caltrans News Flash, Public Information Officer Myles Cochrane goes out to the site of a collision with a newly-installed cable median barrier while Caltrans maintenance crews repair the damaged structure. Myles meets with traffic safety officials and district management to talk more about the benefits the new cable median barrier system provides the traveling public.

Cable median barriers are designed to catch stray vehicles and help prevent cross-median head-on collisions while lessening injuries to vehicle occupants. The new barriers have the added benefits of reducing visual impacts to communities and pose less of a problem for wildlife trying to navigate around the barriers.

This News Flash is the 34th in a series of videos highlighting Caltrans’ activities that keep California’s transportation system moving forward. 

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