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California Department of Transportation

Date: June 22, 2015
District: Headquarters
Contact:  Erin Gallup von Tersch
Phone: (916) 654-5485
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California Highway 1 Named the “Ultimate Road Trip” by Sunset Magazine

SACRAMENTO – California has 72 Officially Designated Scenic Highways, but only one has been named the “Ultimate Highway Trip,” by Sunset Magazine this June: Highway 1.

The curvy, two-lane Pacific Coast Highway hugs the western edge of where the ocean laps into California, sometimes just feet from the highway or below breathtaking cliffs. Since it was built, people have ventured along the coastal route to take in majestic sunsets, walk along trails, enjoy beaches and waterfalls, watch whales migrate, and more.

“Highway 1 has historical significance for California. In 1912, it was the first highway we awarded a contract to build and in 1937 it was the first north-south state route completed.” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “It also offers sights you just won’t find anywhere else.”

Sunset Magazine reported that of the 150 National Scenic Byways and All-American Roads across the United States, none have the “wind-in-your-hair charisma” of Highway 1.

The magazine’s editorial board selected California’s Highway 1 for its first 2015 Western Icon Travel Award.  The magazine is a guide to living in the West and the first-time awards honor the West’s top destinations in lodging, dining, cultural tourism, outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship and more. Highway 1 is featured in the June print and online editions, reaching more than 6 million viewers.

The most famous segment of Highway 1 passes through Big Sur along the Central Coast. The Pacific Coast Highway starts at Dana Point in Orange County and hugs the coastline up through Southern California beaches, hidden Central Coast coves, the bustling city of San Francisco and tunnels through the once-treacherous Devil’s Slide.

While thousands of motorists partake in the experience, many of its travelers are bicyclists riding along a longer route along the Pacific Coast Bike Route from Canada to California’s southernmost beach.