California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Date: April 21, 2015
District: Headquarters
Contact:  Vanessa Wiseman   
Phone: Office (916) 654-2936
Contact:  Tamie McGowen
Phone: Office (916) 657-5060


SACRAMENTO – Caltrans is asking cities, counties and other eligible agencies throughout California to submit applications for transportation projects promoting walking and biking as part of the next round of Active Transportation Program (ATP) funding. The largest program of its kind in the nation, the ATP will offer these agencies a chance at a share of $360 million in federal and state funding.

"Californians are choosing walking and biking more and more,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Through the Active Transportation Program, Caltrans will continue to support this trend.”

The program receives approximately $120 million annually, so the $360 million figure represents three-years of funding. Fifty percent of that total funding will be awarded throughout the state and 40 percent will go to metropolitan planning organizations in urban areas. The remaining 10 percent is designated specifically for small urban and rural areas.

Local and regional transportation agencies have until June 1, 2015 to submit and postdate their project applications to Caltrans. Complete information on the program can be found on Caltrans’ website. The California Transportation Commission (CTC) and Caltrans will review the projects based on established guidelines and selection criteria, and the CTC will adopt selected projects in October and December.

Potential applicants are encouraged to attend a ‘District Application Workshop’, which will be hosted in each of the Caltrans districts to assist applicants on how to apply for and complete the ATP Cycle 2 Applications. Additional workshops will be held throughout the state to provide technical assistance to smaller agencies and disadvantaged communities to support the development of active transportation plans, programs and projects that can successfully compete for ATP funding.

In its first call for ATP projects in May 2014, Caltrans received 771 applications requesting more than a billion dollars, approximately three times more than the available funding. The California Transportation Commission has adopted the first program of ATP projects, totaling $360 million for 265 projects--$311 million of which is allocated to 220 projects that benefit disadvantaged communities.

In 2013, Governor Brown signed legislation (Senate Bill 99, Chapter 359 and Assembly Bill 101, Chapter 354) creating the ATP, which distributes funding for human-powered transportation projects and programs. The new program replaces a patchwork of small grant programs with a comprehensive program that is more efficient. Another benefit is that funds can be directed to multi-year projects to make greater long-term improvements to active transportation.

Each year, Caltrans prepares an annual report summarizing investments it is making to develop non-motorized transportation facilities. For more information on active transportation in California see the 2013-14 Caltrans Report.