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California Department of Transportation

Date: August 6, 2014
District: Headquarters
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What They Said about the Bay Bridge

SACRAMENTO – In case you missed it, here’s what elected officials, world-class engineers, and expert panel members said at the August 5 State Senate Transportation and Housing Committee hearing about the new Bay Bridge:

“There has not been a single indicator that would indicate the bridge is not safe. I actually for one if I had to be here for the big earthquake I would like to be on the [Bay] Bridge because I consider this one of the safest places in California to be.” – Frieder Seible, Ph.D., Dean of the Faculties of Engineering and Information Technology and an Academic Vice-President at Monash University. and Chair Seismic Safety Peer Review Panel

“[C]an we stipulate that the committee agrees with you that we believe the bridge is safe. We’ve said that in both reports. I understand the urgency you feel that it is expressed to the public, but I would prefer not to spend too much time on something we heartily agree on….” – Senate Transportation Committee Chair Mark DeSaulnier

“I believe there is an engineering consensus on this question that should linger no more: The Bay Bridge is Safe. We think it is very important that the public be secure with this understanding.” – California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly

“I am happy that everyone is now in agreement that the bridge is safe.” Dr. Brian Maroney, Caltrans Toll Bridge Program Chief Engineer

“I’m proud to be associated with the Bay Bridge.” – Eric Nichol, President of Bay Bridge contractor Moffatt & Nichol

"We delivered a quality product and we stand behind it." – Brian Petersen, Project Manager of American Bridge Fluor Joint Venture

“When it comes to seismic safety of this bridge, I heard it being said that there is no question about it and I totally agree with that, especially when compared with the old bridge. This improves the seismic safety by leaps and bounds. And I know [TY Lin engineer Dr.] Marwan Nader and [Caltrans chief engineer Dr.] Brian Maroney as prodigious engineers and I have a lot of respect for them and I have no doubt they would put seismic safety as their first criteria…” Sena Kumarasena, Ph. D., P.E., Senate Transportation Committee Engineer Expert Panelist

“We tried to be transparent and actually I’ve gone to probably fifty evening meetings with communities around the state to talk about bolts, welding and everything. Senator, I heard what you said about the need for transparency two years ago and I’ve really tried to do that.” Dr. Brian Maroney, Caltrans Toll Bridge Program Chief Engineer

“Opening the new bridge was based on engineering advice, not political advice.” –California State Transportation Agency Secretary Brian Kelly.

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