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December 30, 2009


Sutter County – Caltrans today announced that major construction has been completed on State Route 99 on a $12.9 million project funded primarily by President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act).  The Recovery Act provided $10.2 million, and the remaining funding came from the State Highway Operation and Protection Program.  This project and many others around the state are being completed sooner than expected thanks to Governor Schwarzenegger’s efforts to expedite Recovery Act funding.

"My Administration is working hand-in-hand with President Obama's team to ensure Recovery Act dollars are pumped into California quickly and responsibly to help stimulate our economy, save and create jobs and in this instance - invest in the future of California's transportation infrastructure," said Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Caltrans repaved 10 miles of SR-99 between the Sacramento/Sutter county line and SR-70, providing a smoother and safer road for more than 37,000 vehicles that use this highway daily.  The prime contractor was George Reed Inc. of Lodi, California.

"With the help of Recovery Act funds, we are now able to repair our highways at a more rapid pace," said Caltrans Director Randy Iwasaki.  "Caltrans is targeting federal stimulus dollars where they will provide taxpayers the most benefits for the money spent."     

Under Governor Schwarzenegger’s leadership, California leads the nation with $2.1 billion in Recovery Act funding obligated to 738 highway and local street transportation projects statewide.  Of these, 422 projects worth $2.2 billion have been awarded contracts to begin work, with an additional $440 million in federal stimulus funds expected to be awarded to 121 projects by February 2010.  For more information on the Recovery Act visit: