California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Headquarters - Public Affairs Office
Tamie McGowen

February 19, 2009


Sacramento - The California Transportation Commission (CTC) today allocated about $10 million for six safety projects, including $1.27 million to build a concrete median barrier to reduce accidents on State Route 91 near Anaheim.

The projects were programmed in the 2007 State Highway Operations and Protection Program and funding was included in the 2008-09 state budget. The projects are:

Stockton - $352,000 to install new guardrail to improve safety on Highway 99.

Fresno - $484,000 to construct concrete median barriers on State Route 180 to prevent cross-median collisions.

Kern County - $635,000 to construct a left turn lane on Highway 46 at McCombs Road near Wasco to reduce collisions.

San Joaquin County - $772,000 to construct traffic signals and upgrade a left turn lane on State Route 12 near Lodi.

Mendocino - $6.5 million to repair a section of Highway 101 that was damaged by heavy rain. The funding will also pay erosion control, removal of slide material, stabilization of a hillside, and repairs to a guardrail and a concrete median barrier.