California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Headquarters - Sacramento
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July 7, 2009


Department Named Among Top Companies 

Sacramento - The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has been acknowledged by Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology magazine for being among the state’s top performing companies who have successfully instituted key elements of diversity in the workplace.

“This award belongs to every employee at Caltrans and is due to their hard work and diligence,” said Director Will Kempton. “Our teams are ambassadors for civil rights and diversity. They continue to make sure this department is just the kind of place where we all enjoy and celebrate our differences. This allows us all to work together while providing a safe, dependable transportation system in California.”

Key measures, such as the department’s support of minorities and women, overall commitment to diversity, and opportunities for employees to establish a balance between personal and professional duties, allowed Caltrans to gain the top spot, according to the reader survey results of Diversity/Careers. The survey results also applauded the department’s ongoing progress toward incorporating a wide array of methods to utilize culturally appropriate and competent measures in daily work.

In addition, Caltrans hosts an annual statewide Diversity and Disability Awareness Day in October. Each of Caltrans’ 12 Districts and Headquarters (HQ) participate; and, last year more than 15 different cultures joined together to provide a taste of their traditional food, along with entertainment in Sacramento.

The Caltrans Disability Advisory Committee also staffs an informational booth to raise disability awareness, with employee educational materials designed to encourage, promote, and foster a workforce environment where differences can be openly explored, celebrated and understood. By working together, Caltrans promotes respect and re-emphasizes Caltrans’ Equal Employment Opportunity Policy in a dynamic forum.