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April 27, 2006  


Sacramento – The California Transportation Commission (CTC) Thursday approved the 2006 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which provides $5.18 billion in transportation funding over the next five fiscal years (2006/07 through 2010/11) for 1,400 projects throughout the state. The STIP is a key source of funding for all major transportation projects in California.

The 2006 STIP includes $3.82 billion for highways and roads, $1.01 billion for rail and public transit, and $350 million for transportation enhancements, such as pedestrian and bike facilities, landscaping, and rehabilitation of historic buildings.

“We are focused on reducing traffic congestion, increasing safety, and improving goods movement to keep California’s economy strong,” said Caltrans Director Will Kempton.

For the first time, the 2006 STIP introduces a discipline of accountability that makes transportation planning and expenditures performance-driven. Caltrans and regional planning agencies will use performance measures to identify the most essential projects that will deliver the “most bang for the buck.”

Highlights of the 2006 STIP include:

  • Los Angeles County – $38 million for a project that will add three miles of new carpool lanes on Interstate 5 from Route 170 to Route 118. This section of Interstate 5 is a major commerce and commuter route.
  • Sonoma County – $36 million for a project that will add six miles of new carpool lanes on Highway 101 in Rohnert Park.
  • San Diego County – $30 million for a project to build a six-lane freeway on Interstate 905 near the California-Mexico border.
  • Fresno County – $66 million to construct a four-lane freeway in Fresno on Highway 180.
  • San Francisco County - $12 million to acquire the land needed to replace Highway 101 at Doyle Drive near the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • San Bernardino County – $200 million to widen six miles of Highway 215 in San Bernardino County near Highway 30.
  • Sacramento County - $4 million for design of a light rail line in Sacramento County to Elk Grove.

Detailed information on all projects in the 2006 STIP can be found at:

In a separate action Thursday, the CTC allocated $219 million in new transportation funding under the current STIP and the State Highway Operation and Protection Program for 149 projects. Please see the attached file for a list of these projects. A record $3.5 billion in transportation funding for 913 projects has been allocated during the 2005/06 fiscal year.

The CTC’s next meeting is scheduled for June 7 and 8 in Sacramento, when additional projects will receive funding.

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