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California Department of Transportation

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September 8, 2006  


Sacramento – The California Transportation Commission (CTC) has approved $431 million in new transportation funding for 92 projects throughout the state.

Highlights of the CTC’s funding allocations include:

Northern California - $71 million was allocated to repair a 40 year-old section of Interstate 80 near Donner Summit. I-80 is a major goods movement and tourism corridor, and this project will make the highway smoother and safer for all motorists.

Los Angeles - $19.3 million was allocated for litter removal systems on State Routes 1, 101, and 170. These systems will capture highway litter and debris more effectively, reducing the amount of trash reaching creeks, rivers, lakes and the Pacific Ocean.

Salinas - $19 million was allocated for a project that will extend Caltrain commuter rail service, currently running between San Francisco and Gilroy, south to Salinas to relieve traffic congestion between Monterey-Salinas and the Bay Area.

Central Valley - $9.3 million was allocated to widen State Route 132 to four lanes in Modesto from Riverside Drive to Frazine/Codoni Roads.

Los Angeles - $43.8 million was allocated to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) as a reimbursement for funding the LACMTA provided for the Metro Gold Line Eastside Light Rail Extension Project. This allocation will be used to make vital transportation improvements in Los Angeles.

For a list of allocated projects go to: and click on “September 6-7 CTC Agenda Vote List.”