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July 29, 2005 


Sacramento – Secretary Sunne Wright McPeak today met with transportation and community leaders in San Francisco today to discuss 21 vital transportation projects for the Bay Area that were included in the governor’s budget and approved in July by the California Transportation Commission (CTC). She also announced 66 grants to improve local transportation.

“By reinstating $1.313 billion in Proposition 42 funds as part of his budget, of which more than $140 million goes to the Bay Area, Gov. Schwarzenegger is committed to helping the nine-county area invest in its infrastructure to reduce traffic congestion, facilitate the movement of goods and create jobs,” Secretary McPeak said. “The additional $15 million in state and federal grants further reinforces his commitment to the region.”

Earlier this month, the CTC approved $141,433,000 from Proposition 42 monies for 21 transportation projects in nine Bay Area counties (see Attachment #1).

Fully funding Proposition 42 includes $254 million statewide for cities and counties to repair local streets and roads, of which $24,002,043 goes to the Bay Area. Alameda County’s share is $4,308,895; Contra Costa $875,000; Napa $951,954; Marin $943,791; San Francisco $5,216,754; San Mateo $2,749,691; Santa Clara $5,310,808; Solano $1,446,827; and Sonoma $2,198,323.

Secretary McPeak further reinforced the governor’s commitment to Bay Area transportation by awarding 16 Caltrans planning grants totaling $2,429,083 (see Attachment #2). These grants will enable local transportation planners and Caltrans to more accurately analyze growth and plan accordingly.

She also awarded 50 OTS traffic safety grants totaling $12,434,327 (see Attachment #3). The OTS grants cover a wide range of results-driven programs that focus on preventing alcohol-related fatalities and injuries, increasing seat belt use, pedestrian and bicycle safety, emergency medical services, and police traffic services.

Additional savings from Caltrans efficiencies will be redirected towards transportation projects – providing $251.6 million over the five-year Fund Estimate period. Of this amount, $130 million has been directed to the Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program, as per AB 144.

Bay Area Projects Approved by the CTC in July [Word]
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