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July 14, 2005 


Sacramento – The California Transportation Commission (CTC) today earmarked $1.26 billion in new transportation funding to start construction on 337 projects throughout the state.

“California is back in business,” said California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Director Will Kempton. “We want contractors to come back to the state – there’s work to be done.”

The CTC’s action to release the $1.26 billion will provide more money for transportation in the first month of the new fiscal year than the entire amount set aside ($900 million) all of last year. The CTC is expected to earmark an estimated $4.1 billion for transportation during the 2005-06 fiscal year.

The surge of new transportation dollars comes largely from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reinstatement of $1.313 billion in Proposition 42 monies to the State Transportation Investment Fund. It also includes expected Indian gaming revenues and regular revenues Caltrans receives from State and Federal gas taxes and truck weight fees.

“California is turning the corner when it comes to building and maintaining our transportation infrastructure,” Kempton said. “The Governor’s reinstatement of Proposition 42 funds will pay for projects that will reduce traffic congestion, facilitate goods movement and create jobs.”

All projects funded today are ready to go to construction, including the following major projects:

Santa Rosa – Widening State Route 101 in Sonoma County - $51.3 million was allocated for a project that will reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality in the northern Bay Area. Two new carpool lanes (one in each direction) will be added between Route 12 and Steele Lane. Total project cost: $82.5 million.

Fresno – Widening State Route 99 in Fresno County - $32.9 million was allocated for a project to convert over ten miles of State Route 99 from a four-lane expressway to a six-lane freeway between Kingsburg and Selma. Commuters will spend less time stuck in traffic, improving their quality of life. State Route 99 is a key commerce corridor, and this project will expedite goods movement. Total project cost: $53.9 million.

Orange County – State Route 22 Carpool Lanes - $123.7 was allocated for a project that will benefit many Southern California communities, including Orange, Garden Grove, Westminster and Santa Ana. The project (currently under construction) is adding 12.5 miles of new carpool lanes on State Route 22 from Interstate 405 to State Route 55. Auxiliary lanes and soundwalls also will be built. The project will improve air quality, provide traffic congestion relief, and lower freeway noise. Total project cost: $500 million.

Los Angeles – New Light Rail Vehicles - $29.1 million was allocated for a project to purchase 50 new light rail vehicles that will be used system-wide, including the Pasadena Gold Line and Metro Gold Line Eastside Extension. The new vehicles will enable transit services to carry more passengers and offer commuters a good alternative to driving. Total project cost: $128 million.

Most of the $1.26 billion in funding was allocated for these categories:
Highways $460 million
Transit $32 million
Rail $8 million
Highway Operational
Improvements and Rehabilitation $526 million

The remaining funding will be used primarily for safety projects, acquiring right of way, and transportation planning.

The CTC’s next meeting is scheduled for August 17 and 18 in Sacramento, and additional projects will be considered. For a list of the projects approved today by the CTC, go to: