California Department of Transportation

California Department of Transportation

Headquarters - Public Affairs Office

January 22 , 2004 


The California Department of Transportation today announced $7.2 million in grants to build projects that will improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters in cities and counties across California.

"Californians use a wide variety of transportation methods, from automobiles to mass transportation, pedestrian walkways, and bicycles," said Director Jeff Morales. "These funds will help make bicycling more convenient and safer for Californians."

The annual Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) grants will fund 35 projects in various areas from rural communities to some of California's largest cities.

For example, the City of Red Bluff won a $392,400 grant to build on- and off-street bikeways. The City of Modesto will receive $698,798 to construct a bike path along the right of way of the Union Pacific Railroad; and the City of San Diego will use $226,500 in BTA funds to build on-street bikeways at various locations in the city.

The BTA is funded and the grants are awarded under provisions of Streets and Highways Code Sections 890-894.2. Applications go through a competitive process and projects are administered by the California Department of Transportation. The program awards funds to projects that have the potential to increase bicycle commuting to shopping, schools, and employment centers by removing barriers to bicycle travel and connecting existing bike routes.

A complete list of grant recipients for 2003/04 is available at