California Department of Transportation

Executive Biographies

Caltrans Organization Chart Malcolm Dougherty, Director Kome Ajise. Chief Deputy Director Dara Wheeler, Chief of Staff Ronald W. Beals, Legal, Chief Counsel Bill Figge, Acting Deputy Director, Planning and Modal Programs Sumi Smith, Acting Deputy Director, Information Technology, Chief Information Officer Steve Takigawa, Deputy Director, Maintenance and Operations Karla Sutliff, Deputy Director, Project Delivery, Chief Engineer Norma Ortega, Deputy Director, Finance, Chief Financial Officer Steven Cliff, Assistant Director, Sustainability Tamie McGowen, Deputy Director, Public Affairs Melanie Perron, Assistant Director, Legislative Affairs Cris Rojas, Deputy Director, Administration Giles Giovinazzi, Federal Liaison Angela Shell, Assistant Director, Business & Economic Opportunity William Lewis, Assistant Director, Audits & Investigations