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In Memory of Muoi Tran

Muoi TranThe California Transportation Foundation has set up a memorial fund for Muoi Tran’s family. Moui, 55, of North Region Construction, died as a result of an automobile accident on Thursday, October 16, 2008 while working as part of a survey crew on the Red Bluff Maintenance Station construction site in District 2. Moui is survived by his wife Thanh Thi Mong Hoang, daughter Chau Thi-Diem Tran, and sons Anh Duc Tran and Long Duc Tran.

If you would like to donate to this fund, you can send a check payable to the California Transportation Foundation to the address below. Please note on your check: Memorial Fund for Muoi Tran.

California Transportation Foundation
Muoi Tran Memorial Fund
581 La Sierra Drive
Sacramento, CA 95864

Thank you for considering donating to this fund; the family would really appreciate your help.

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