California Department of Transportation

Djuan Bush Service

The weather for Saturday, October 6, 2007 was forecasted to bring unseasonable low temperatures and uncomfortable conditions. Instead it turned out to be a day of sunshine as many family, friends, coworkers and supporters gathered at a church in East Oakland to celebrate the life of Djuan Bush. Djuan, a Caltrans highway maintenance worker was killed on September 25, 2007 from injuries sustained when he was hit by a car in a work zone.

People converged on True Fellowship Church from all directions prior to the 10 AM starting time. Hard to miss was the many variations of safety vests representing various agencies that mixed in the crowd. It was expected that Djuans’ maintenance coworkers would show up in their gear to represent the work for which Djuan lived and died. They all came to say goodbye to a great guy who was all heart and was known for his big smile.

Pastor Henderson, who officiated the services, stood before the crowd prior to Djuans’ family entering the sanctuary and announced that because every seat was taken and every aisle was filled to capacity with people standing, it was going to be necessary for everyone to “work with him.” “Working with him” meant that a large number of people, including many wearing safety vests to signify their allegiance, ended up standing in the parking lot during the service so that the church was not in violation of fire safety regulations. The crowd did not diminish. They were willing to stand in the parking area to pay their final respects.

The service was emotional as prayers were said over Djuan, and his family and singers evoked amazing spirituality. Djuan’s eulogy was delivered with quiet aplomb by his Pastor. He spoke of Djuan’s respectful nature, and Djuan’s love of family resonated throughout the service.

Djuan’s service was a reflection of his life and the service he performed as a Caltrans highway maintenance worker. In addition to the many family members, extended family and friends that were there to honor him, Business, Transportation & Housing Agency Secretary Dale Bonner, Caltrans Director Will Kempton, Maintenance Director Michael Miles, District Director Bijan Sartipi, Chief Engineer Rick Land, and Chief Deputy District Director Dan McElhinney attended the service. Maintenance workers from several Bay Area counties also felt the kinship of his death and were there to show their support. Simon Perez, a reporter with KPIX Channel 5, covered the service. The California Highway Patrol provided the Honor Guard for the service and escorts for the procession to Rolling Hills Cemetery. The funeral procession consisted of at least 109 vehicles, including a Caltrans truck with a message board illuminated to read “In Memory of Djuan Bush”.

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