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Design - PPDG Online Training

The PPDG online training is based on the 2010 Project Planning and Design Guide (PPDG). While the Caltrans NPDES Permit is expected to be adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board sometime during the fall of 2012, there will be a period of time to which Caltrans will develop a new Stormwater Management Plan (SWMP) and revise all applicable guidance, standards, tools, etc. including the PPDG. Ultimately some revisions will be necessary, however the 2010 PPDG was revised to incorporate many of the new concepts that will be in the new Caltrans Permit.

This training will be an opportunity for staff to become more familiar with the information that is available when evaluating for stormwater throughout each phase of project delivery and the overall stormwater design program.

Caltrans employees - A couple of things to keep in mind when deciding to take the PPDG Online Training:

  • LMS Course Code is 101506
  • NO LMS SESSIONS WILL BE ADDED FOR THIS COURSE. That means you do not need to sign up for this course in LMS to get course credit.
  • Use LMS to get additional information about this course.
  • LMS will not be tracking this course in the traditional way. You will need to get supervisor permission on your own to take the course.
  • When entering your timesheet, please use your own Unit, Project, and Phase, and use the Reporting Code G101506, and the Sub Object 059.
  • Office of Storm Water Management - Design will periodically get a list of people that have completed the course and get this information to LMS coordinator in order for you to get credit for class.

PPDG Online Training



This page last updated August 8, 2012