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Procedure for Specification Sponsor Concurrence

The Office of Storm Water Management- Design (OSWMD) is the sponsor for water pollution control and temporary construction site BMP special provisions. Any proposed new specifications or significant modifications to the following must be reviewed by OSWMD for concurrence. Please follow the sponsor request and concurrence process for non-standard special provisions (nSSPs).

Sponsor Concurrence Procedure (Word)
Request Template (Word)
Sample Request Memo (.pdf)
Sample Concurrence Memo (.pdf)

In order for Office of Storm Water Management to review and approve the use of the Treatment BMP (TBMP) nSSPs we need a complete package, which includes the following:

  1. Request Memo. - Follow the procedures outlined above.
  2. nSSPs - download the latest Treatment BMP nSSPs from our website and click on the BMPs tab then Treatment BMPs
  3. This website link (see item 2 above) also includes a Design Guidance for each TBMP. Read the document prior to and during the design process and follow the recommended procedures.
  4. This website link (see item 2 above) also includes TBMP plans. Use the pdf plans until ready to submit to OE then use the tif plans. No changes to our plans are allowed. Read the design guidance if changes must be made.
  5. This website link (see item 2 above) also includes a design spreadsheet for AVSFs and GSRDs (Inclined Screen only). Use this spreadsheet for each designed and submit an electronic copy to your email. Make sure that the last tab on the AVSF spreadsheet, which is for cost estimating, is filled out with the same unit and unit price for each TBMP item as BEES.
  6. Send an electronic pdf copy of plan sheets that pertain to the nSSPs (include cover sht, layouts, drainage plans and profiles, detail shts, quantity shts, and nSSP plan shts that will be submitted to OE, etc....) Do not send a copy of all sheets for project.
  7. BEES (only the items that relate to the nSSPs) - send an electronic pdf copy.

In email - submit milestone dates of project especially critical dates our office needs to know.

This page last updated November 3, 2014