California Department of Transportation

Storm Water - Construction Site BMP Training for Design

Course Description (LMS Code 100695)

Training will be given in an instructor led-classroom setting for incorporating Construction Site Best Management Practices (BMPs) into the various phases of project design. This 1-day course will present and discuss the principles of water pollution control related to construction projects. The selection and estimation of construction site BMPs and development of a water pollution control strategy will be emphasized. Recently adopted special provisions, Construction staff concurrence process, and construction site BMP checklists will be featured. A variety of workshop exercises will be included during the class to measure learning objectives.

Power Point Presentations

  • Module I Overview & Introduction (5.6 MB .pdf) September, 2009
  • Module II Soil Stabilization & Sediment Control BMPs (14.2 MB .pdf) September, 2009
  • Module III Tracking, Wind Erosion, & Construction Site Mgmt (14.8 MB .pdf) September, 2009
  • Module IV Incorporation of BMPs into Design (7.0 MB .pdf) September, 2009
  • Module V Final Wrap-up (4.5 MB .pdf) September, 2009

Training Related Documents

Other Construction Site BMP Training

Erosion and Sediment Ctrl BMPs (LMS Code 100656)
This 2-day course presents advanced erosion and sediment control BMP principles along with a field display and demonstration for properly implemented BMPs. The class reviews methods, techniques, and products for erosion and sediment controls, which are commonly used on Department construction sites throughout the State.
Water Pollution on Construction Sites (LMS Code 100380)
"Project Specific Corridor Training". The purpose of this 1-day course is to train staff about Water Pollution Control for Construction sites.
SWPPP & WPCP Review (LMS Code 100654)
The purpose of this 1-day course is to increase familiarity and understanding of water pollution control issues. The course covers RE management responsibilities from project award through project closeout.


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