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Caltrans' Recycling Program

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The Caltrans' Recycling Program facilitates the development, implementation, monitoring and promotion of cost effective Departmental recycling projects. Caltrans is partnering with other state agencies to develop, implement and maintain a statewide program to minimize materials going into landfills, and the promotion and development of new business opportunities within the State of California to the benefit of all.

Caltrans Recycling Activities:

  • Employee recycling of office paper waste diverts over 360 tons per year.
  • Caltrans has ordered "Lime Neon Green" safety vests that contain poly fiber made from 100% recycled plastic soda bottles (over 133,000 two liter bottles were used on this project. )
  • Caltrans uses and recycles 122,000 gallons of re-refined motor lubricants per year.
  • Caltrans uses and recycles 14,250 gallons of re-refined anti-freeze per year.
  • Caltrans uses and recycles 4,900 remanufactured automotive batteries per year.
  • Caltrans uses and recycles 1,800 remanufactured tires per year.
  • Caltrans recycles 5,800 fluorescent lamps per year.
  • Caltrans recycle 81 tons of glass per year.
  • Caltrans recycle 69 tons of aluminum cans per year.
  • Caltrans uses Mulch ( green waste ) within landscaped areas, ( this project also saves water. )
  • Where feasible, Caltrans recycles scrap metal.
  • State surplus furniture and equipment is recycled through CalMax and the Department of General Services.
  • Caltrans recycles asphalt and concrete pavement by converting it into base and sub-base under the new road surface.
  • Caltrans is continuing to research and field study ways to use recycled materials as materials in road surfaces ( i.e., crushed glass, ground tires in rubberized asphalt, etc. )

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